Biden Seeks $22.5B in COVID Expenses

Earlier in the week, American President Joe Biden gave an hour-long speech that his fans called riveting and poignant, in which he spoke about Ukraine. And that's pretty much it. Biden was midway through his entire hour before he started speaking about American issues, only to assure us all that things are going swimmingly in the US of A. Of course, as soon as the speech ended, news has it that he's demanding money from Congress, yet again, to start another new initiative, and that budget talks are already underway. This time, the money is said to be for pandemic-related expenses, and Biden wants a relatively light $22.5 billion to cover it.

The kicker: This money seems to be for the nation of Ukraine, and not for America. While there are thousands of homeless in the country, thousands still crossing the border every day, and millions of people still reeling from the COVID shut-downs who cannot pay their rent or buy food, President Biden, America's duly-elected Commander-in-Chief, who got 81 million American votes, is demanding Congress pony up over $22 billion in COVID relief for a foreign nation.

The average American is skipping meals and trying to avoid buying gas, because they cannot afford those expenses in their lives. Meanwhile, a President who was supposedly elected by the people to ease their burdens is outwardly and unabashedly ignoring their suffering while being hyper-focused on Ukraine. That is not to say Ukraine doesn't deserve aid and relief. But every single NATO allied nation is on Ukraine's side, yet it's only America ignoring its own citizens to send in more relief aid. After an initial $10 billion sent immediately, Biden expects another $22.5 sent by mid March.

The good news from this, if there's any to take away, is that it's still unclear if all of that $22.5 billion will end up overseas. There are talks about a little more testing and free medications in America.

The State of Ukraine's Union

Before the election, there was a whole lot of talk about Biden's son, Hunter, and how the Bidens had some pretty shady dealings with Ukraine. For those in the know, Ukraine, despite what the media says on its nightly programs, is actually not a democracy. A foreign coup installed their current president (a former actor) in 2014, and no free elections have been held since. That is in no way an endorsement of Russia. Invading other nations is wrong, immoral, and no free nation should stand for it. Though it is to point out that the fact that conspiracy theorists' ears are burning after it appears Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to shower Ukraine with money.

Though to be perfectly fair to President Biden, he did the exact same thing with Afghanistan, including giving them weapons of war that he just happened to leave behind. So, the fact is that nobody really knows what's going on. Everything is so partisan. Biden's supporters claim he's the best President in the history of America, while his detractors claim he's the worst. For most people in America, who cannot afford their current expenses, they'd settle for just middling. Just an average President who decides to do more for his own people and not multinational corporations and foreign nations.

The Money is Guaranteed

How much of that money ends up overseas is still anyone's guess at this point. One thing everyone does know, however, is that the money is guaranteed to be passed by Congress and immediately signed by Biden. The $2 trillion infrastructure plan was given to Biden on a silver platter, with very little resistance other than the typical Ted Cruz-like stern talking-tos that made the rounds. Other than that, Congress has given Biden a blank check, and he's surely spent it.

The issue here, however, is that no one knows where that money goes. For the average American spending money, they have to make intently sure that they're covering their expenses and not wasting money. It's lean times for most people. With the government, they just make money disappear and don't even spend it on what it was intended for. Now, they're redefining what 'infrastructure' means and are instead putting that money toward equity and social justice.

At this rate, the only thing that would surprise Americans about Biden giving money to Ukraine is that he didn't give them $10 trillion. Everyone sorts of expects Joe to burn through money for everyone but the people in America who need it the most. Just ask every single one of those indebted college students who voted for him on the promise he'd forgive student debt.
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